What’s on my mind

When writing the ‘About me’ page I realized that I’m a thinker. I am a person who is in her head, thinking about everything in detail. To explain this to you, I’ll let you in on what’s going on up there in the grey matter I like to call ‘my mind’.


First of all, I’m making a list in my head with pros and cons of writing this blog. What do I want with this blog? I already own a diary, so why put even more information out there? However, it could be fun to turn the Internet of Things into Thoughts. And then there is this little voice that says that maybe someone will get something good out of this blog. That would be nice!

Thinking about thinking

Secondly, I am thinking about thinking. Why do I want to think about so many things? Why can’t I be more carefree? Just do! Nah, ‘just do’ sounds stupid. I can ‘just do’ soup, but even then I like to think about what flavors go together, and even then, why soup? I don’t even like soup that much, except for Okra soup and Chinese Tomato soup, those I like.


This brings me to number three. I get distracted a lot. Just have a look at the soup section… And that is what happens every time when I read, write, listen, dream and think.

I think therefor I am

To keep this story short, as promised, I wont get into detail about number four, five, six, etc. I told you I am a thinker with a mind that gets distracted a lot. In relation to our quest ‘finding out what life is all about’, maybe we should reread something from the father of modern philosophy.

Je pense donc je suis” (René Descartes, 1637)

If life is about thinking, about being able to think, what is the meaning of this? Is this proof we have a mind? Can we control our mind? How about meditation? Why do you keep thinking when you sleep? Can we do things without thinking? Hmm, new questions to think about…


What do you think?

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