Je pense donc je suis

In this society we live in, it is easy to doubt your life choices, to be fooled by commercials or mislead with promises or money. And what about the people who influence us? Are you smart enough? Are you beautiful? Is your personality good? How can you know what is real or fake nowadays?

You are

The only thing you know for sure is that you exist, that you are. “I think therefor I am” (René Descartes, 1637). Descartes wrote this almost 400 years ago and when you think of it: If the only thing you know for sure is that you exist, would that imply the rest of life is a lie? Looking around it might even be.

Doubts and insecurities

When I look at the people around me, including myself, I notice a lot of doubt and insecurity. People wonder what to do with their lives, they doubt themselves and question everything. Even when you get rid of all your doubts and insecurities, there is the dilemma of time: people tend to believe there is no time to live your life.


And what happens then? What do we do with our doubts, insecurities and dilemmas? We label them. We have mental labels (ADHD, depression, stress, …), gender labels (man, woman, transgenders, …), beauty labels (skinny, fat, ugly, …), sexuality labels (gay, lesbian, hetero, …), and more labels then I can even think of.

We use these labels to make sense of what’s going on: who we are in relation to others. These labels can make us feel even more insecure, misunderstood, doubtful. However they can also make us feel proud, loved and show us that we’re not alone, that we belong.


In conversations with friends, family and colleagues, but also on social media and television, I see that people are more and more proud of who they are. People stop hiding their personalities, they stop hiding their labels and show the world who they are. Pride is a beautiful thing, because you should be able to be who you are. That is after all what you know to be true, what is real.

I think…

…therefor I am, tells us we are. And not just that, but also that we have a mind of our own and that we can think. So what’s real? We are! Accepting we are real is another story, especially because we’re not alone in this world. However, I think believing in being yourself and being proud, with respect for others to do the same, is a good way to go.



One thought on “Je pense donc je suis

  1. Silvia Wertwijn

    Lieve Mandy,

    Ik ben ook heel trots op jou over deze nadenker. Prachtig geschreven. Ik heb erbij gevoegd, ´ik leef´.

    Ik denk hierover na, Mandy! Ik leef, ik denk, ik ben…

    Dikke kus



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